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Mezinárodní setkání hudebních profesionálů – International Music Professionals Meeting 2013- Music expert guests

3.Mezinárodní setkání hudebních profesionálů, které se koná dnech 21. – 22. 6., má již potvrzené odborné hosty. Přicestují z Estonska, Izraele a z Anglie. Mezi mluvčími budou také experti z ČR. Hlavním tématem letošního ročníku jsou investice do hudby. Páteční setkání s českými správci autorských práv hostí od 11:00 Café Nona (Národní 4, Praha 1), v sobotu se pak od 14:00 uskuteční v pražském HUBu (Drtinova 10, Praha 5) mezinárodní panelová diskuze.
Pátek 21.6. – Only for Czech speaking participants
11:00 – 16:00 hod, Café Nona, Národní 4, Praha 1,
Setkání se zástupci správců autorských práv (OSA, IFPI, Intergram, SAI)
Skupinová setkání (max. 4 osoby na hosta) s odborníky a šéfy organizací spravující autorská práva na téma investice do hudby. Rezervujte si Váš čas s následujícími experty v registračním formuláři v příloze:
Petra Žikovská, ředitelka, odbornice na hudební právo, ČNS IFPI
Martin Mařan, generální ředitel, Intergram
Roman Strejček, předseda představenstva, OSA o.s.
Jiří Vondráček, předseda, SAI o.s.
Saturday 22.6. – International section, official language ENG
2 – 5 pm, HUB Praha, Drtinova 10, Praha 5, 1st floor,
Panel and round meetings with music experts
Invited international music experts specializing on or decision making in the field of investments  or budgeting  in music field (governmental & non-governmental) are going to present their concept, share their experiences and provide their advices. The meeting will open the introduction of all guests their brief presentation (60min) and follow with separated groups (round tables) with each of the guests and their specific theme (90 min). It is possible to change among the tables during the all discussions. Each participant of Saturday meeting gets backstage&VIP pass to The United Islands Festival and The Czech Music Video DVD compilation by Institute for Modern Music.
Music expert guests and their panel discussion topics:
Natalie Mets (Estonia): “Private funding in music”
Natalie Mets,  CEO of The Baltic Scene, manager of Tenfold Rabbit, started off as a founder of a successful event-series. From that moment she has been involved with numerous events, concerts and festivals as a co-promoter. She has been working as a manager, booking-agent and PR-consultant for several Estonian young musicians. Currently she is the manager of Estonian folk-rock band Tenfold Rabbit and the CEO of The Baltic Scene (a marketing and export platform for new Baltic music) and developing an agency with the aim of helping young Baltic talents to reach the international music market.
Jeremy Hulsh (Israel): “Artists development for emerging markets – what it takes to succeed abroad.”
Jeremy is considered one of the leading experts on Israeli music culture today. He is the architect/founder & executive director of Oleh! Records – Israel’s Music Export Office. After working for  major record labels (Sony Music/Columbia Records) in the US for years, Jeremy moved to Israel to pursue more meaningful goals. He was developing numerous  projects in the field of Israel advocacy, diplomacy and culture/entertainment. Oleh! Records is the personification of his passions for Israel and professional experience. It is his personal philosophy that has generated the exponential success of Oleh! early on; “low investment – high return” models, educating and inspiring the musician community as well as passionate fans to build the organization and create sustainable platforms for growth.
Gail Cooke (UK): „The UK investment structure in music – how and why the country invests in music.”
Gail’s work has spanned the whole spectrum of arts, music, film and theatre in the UK over the last 25 years.  Specialising in marketing, promotion, event management, programming and PR, Gail’s diverse career has included work in some of the UK’s major arts and music venues, film theatres and festivals as well as several local authorities and arts organisations. After taking the plunge to set up her own business 8 years ago, Gail now works alongside her colleague Nick Hallam managing Laughing Dog Music, providing a bespoke service for live booking, marketing and PR. She has worked with several of the UK’s leading folk, world, indie and contemporary music festivals and works part-time as a production and media specialist for Frusion Music.
Local music expert speakers and their panel discussion topics:
Lenka Dohnalová (CZ): The Year of Czech Music 2014 as a running test of our music culture setting.
Lenka is working at Czech Arts and Theatre Institute, department of music. She is member and secretary of Czech Music Council, director and the jury member of international competition Musica Nova, coordinator of Year of Czech Music, coordinator of the Czech exposition at MIDEM and WOMEX, co-researcher in the  project of Arts Institute Mapping of Culture and Creative Industries in CR (DF 11P010VV031), specialist in the topic of music industry, autor of books and articles about Czech music, electro-acoustic music and contemporary music sector.
Jaroslav Raušer (CZ): Investment into the current music education for children and young generation, investment into a quality of the future creative industry.
Jaroslav is musician and co-founder of Prague music club Palac Akropolis where he was positioned as a director for 15 years till 2006. He has initiated plenty of music, theatre and multimedia projects, concepts and productions that are continuing until today. He was a coordinator of EuroConnections, Move, Entermultimediale supporting and developing international networking and export. He has started his own privat organization Move association working in music international exchanges, education and production of alternative music. He is co-founder and chairman of the board of Institute for Modern Music.

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